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Designate Studio - SumoDog Chalkboard

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Q4 - 2019

Beautifully-crafted chalkboards that gets attention

Hand-lettered chalkboards are back in season! You may have seen them at a cafe or during your best friend's wedding.

Chalkboards are so versatile and can be used in a lot of different places:

  • Menu items for a coffee shop

  • Featured products for a restaurant

  • Price list for bazaars

  • Wedding signs

  • Announcements for events

  • General signs and decorations

  • ... and anything you can think of!

Chalkboard Process

After a discovery session where we discuss your goals and initial thoughts, I typically begin with a pencil draft on paper or a draft using an iPad Pro.

It can take anywhere from 1 day to a week. Once the design is done, I schedule an on-site chalk lettering with you. Typically, a 10 square foot chalkboard takes at least 3-4 hours to complete. Time and effort may vary depending on the material, the design and the overall look and feel. In general, the more details there are and the cleaner the look, the longer it takes. 

My design process details the general things to expect when you engage my services. Of course, you are free to contact me if you have questions, or simply want to chat about your project. 

You can take a peek at the actual on-site lettering process below.

Notable Clients

  • Food for Thought (Food For Tots at Botanic Gardens)

  • Little Farms (Tanjong Pagar, Valley Point, United Square, Holland Village)

  • Arteastiq (Plaza Singapura, Mandarin Gallery)

  • Boulder Movement (OUE Downtown)

  • and more!

Chalkboards in the Wild

Arteastiq (Orchard and Plaza Singapura)

Arteastiq is a premier boutique tea house in Singapore specializing in fusing art/creativity with good food and drinks. 

I was happy to offer my services to help Arteastiq convey the artistic vibe with the quotes that they received as feedback from customers. I was happy to do 5 boards of varying sizes (where the total is 8-10 sqm in lettering). Two (2) branches were completed - Mandarin Gallery and Plaza Singapura - in 3-4 days (9 hours on site and 2 hours off-site).

This is one of the larger and more difficult ones logistically (think: stepping on kitchen counters and sinks) but also equally if not more fulfilling! 


After a few months, they engaged me to create another board to promote the Lychee Tea, which is their signature tea! I love visiting the place because it's so relaxing, and couple that with their refreshing tea selection? Priceless! 

Case Study for Arteastiq Mandarin Gallery Lychee Tea Mural

Arteastiq Mandarin Gallery - Lychee Tea Chalkboard

Little Farms

Little Farms is a neighborhood market/grocer, specializing in the highest quality and freshest produce, meats, seafood, dairy, grocery and more. Little Farms is located at Valley Point Shopping Centre and recently opened an adjacent cafe. 

The cafe had 5 chalkboards above the counter which consist of coffee quotes and menu items sold at the cafe. The design was done by an agency that handled their store branding, while I was given the freedom to handle the menu portion.

I did 5 boards in total (2 of them about A3 and 3 of them about A2 in size), carefully transferring the designs onto the boards and finally applied a sealant to protect the borders from being erased accidentally. All in all, it took me 3 visits (around 12-13 hours) to complete. I also did a separate board to showcase their wine tasting sessions.


Since then, I’ve been exclusively contacted to create boards for all branches.

 Case Study for Little Farms Tanjong Pagar

Little Farms Tanjong Pagar

Little Farms Tanjong Pagar

Little Farms United Square

Little Farms United Square


Sumo Dog

Case Study

I've been frequenting this shop for lunch and sometimes for afternoon snacks. They have really nice hotdogs in buns, and the owners are the best.

I was commissioned to create 2 boards for Sumo Dog, a cafe/restaurant in Lavender. They wanted to promote new offerings in-store: ice-blended drinks and beers. 


File_002 (5).jpeg
Designate Studio - Chalkboards for SumoDog

Kai Sushi and Robatayaki

Mye (a fellow lettering artist) and I were walking around Plaza Singapura when we saw this restaurant.

We kindly offered our services to write their specials. There were 4 sides in total, and we each took on 2 boards. 

Our friends swear by the food here. Too bad we were rushing, so we could not try it. For sure there will be a next time.


Other Chalk Work



Designate Studio - Specialty Coffee Chalkboard
Designate Studio - Happy Easter Chalkboard